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By making a change setting. Windows Control Panel can be accessed from Windows Explorer. Menu Control panel exist in page Start Menu earn we hide.

Follow the scent tips from me as follows  :

1.   Open Registry pass denominating of data with Regedit

      Its way  :  Depress knob of Start click start Menu of Run last type Regedit and depress Knob Ok

2.   Look for the following Key Address

     HKEY CURRENT USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced

3.   Searching of Subkey Advanced, and enhance new data use data type of DWORD Value.

4.   Modify the name of data is swich is just mode by the name of  "Start_ShowControlPanel" last of input of   value "0" to hiding it.

5.   To see its result please Restart you Computer

6.   Congratulation try.
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